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Blue Beehive

Blue Beehive is a NGO and adult education provider in Spain. Our association is composed of experts in the development of Erasmus + projects and volunteers. We are nongovernmental governmental, and non-profit and non-political association, and our mission is to enhance the education and cultural levels, developing educational and cultural projects.

The aims of Blue Beehive are:

  1. Encourage educational activities in the field of adult education and also in the field of youth. Promote development through non-formal educational alternatives based on creativity
    and learning-service.
  2. Encourage the training of people with multidisciplinary knowledge adapted to the demand of new changing scenarios that require innovation and flexibility. People who may face
    different work challenges, known today as “knowmads”, a neologism that combines the words know and nomad. Foster creativity as an alternative for young people and adults to adapt
    to new times. Encourage and support entrepreneurship in the digital, cultural, social environment, promoting lifelong learning as a basis for development.
  3. Empowering through education: social inclusion, interculturality, gender equality and intergenerational relationships.
  4. Encourage and promote cultural, leisure and sports projects that are beneficial for all members of the association and for the environment in the preferential field of the Valencian
    5.Promote the awareness of an integrating Europe from the Valencian identity, developing the competences of an active, critical, creative and empathetic citizenry. To promote
    cooperation projects and cultural and educational exchanges, preferably with European countries.
  5. This association will have no political or religious purpose and no member may use it for these purposes. All religious or political choices will be respected.
    We give specific training of IT and also of Spanish language for immigrants. We have agreements with various institutions and we are prepared for job shadowing, best practice or
    innovation projects developing intellectual outputs.

Blue Beehive develop projects related to:

  • The development of cultural and creative projects that favour the exchange of experiences by fostering empathy between countries in Europe.
  • Improvement of key education competencies to acquire new skills needed in the labour market.
  • Socialisation projects in which everyone interacts, learns from each other and feeds on new knowledge and experiences.

Contact Person: Angelica Maria Valls e-mail:


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