The detailed description of the expected result is:
(1) to create various groups of interests through education and training processes, as well as discussion and exchanging of experiences, procedures on alternative and sustainable
tourism, in line with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.
(2) to create awareness about the negative effects of mass tourism activities and opportunities for alternative tourism products. And to create mutual understanding between guests
and residents especially living in touristic regions in the Mediterranean countries.
(2) to conduct a survey about attitudes and knowledge of locals about alternative and mass tourism. And determine the similarities and differences in attitudes and knowledge about
alternative and mass tourism of each Mediterranean country residents.
(3) to assess each partner’s current positions via SWOT analysis (It’s a common technique for assessing the Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats in tourism destination
and its environment) and determine future opportunities for alternative tourism resources.
(4) to assess and determine the current alternative tourism opportunities from each partner’s country via case studies in Best Practice
(4) to create and publish an alternative tourism guide and network platform.
(5) to educational visit areas of various interests (ecological, cultural, traditional, etc.) in our neighboring environments (city, countryside, etc.) and, to look for and discover interesting
for us objects, constructions, customs, behaviors, etc., which could also be items of interest for citizens of neighboring areas or for foreign countries’ citizens.
(6) to put forward ideas and suggestions for the dissemination of alternative tourism activities, like photography contest, video production, meetings for exchanging of best practices,

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